Dental Bridges for a Better Smile

There are many reasons to consider Dental Bridges from Oasis Dental. They are necessary to bridge the gap between your teeth to prevent future dental problems.

Missing teeth can result in a natural movement of your remaining teeth to fill the empty space. This can seriously affect your bite and ability to chew comfortably. A bridge will also restore your smile and ability to speak clearly.

The process begins by preparing the adjoining teeth for the bridge. Then we take an impression of the space where the bridge will be placed. To ensure a secure fit, you will be fitted for a temporary bridge while the permanent bridge is being prepared.

When your dental bridge is ready, Oasis Dental will schedule an appointment to have it cemented in place. Your permanent bridge is made of the strongest materials, so it will last a lifetime. There is no need to live with missing teeth anymore. Get your confident smile back, with a new dental bridge from the experts at Oasis Dental.

Dental Bridge

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