We Provide Emergency Dentistry at Oasis Dental in Manchester, NH

At Oasis Dental, we understand that dental emergencies happen and you can not always plan when you’ll need our care. If you have a dental emergency, we are able to help you receive the care you need.

At Oasis Dental, our priority is not to take care of our patients just twice a year. Instead, we are always ready to step forward at any time to help our patients and community with their dental emergencies. You do not have to be alone when it comes to emergency dental care. Oasis Dental will be there to help, every step of the way.

We care for many types of dental emergencies, such as:

  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Damage to tongue, cheeks, lips and gums
  • Severe or long-lasting toothaches or other tooth pain
  • Fractured tooth
  • A lost filling or crown


If You Have a Dental Emergency Call Us at (603) 641-5200

If you are unable to reach us – Dial 911

During a dental emergency help from a team of professionals can be hard to find. It no longer has to be with Oasis Dental. We are here for you and want to help you with any dental emergency. If your dental emergency happens after our normal business hours, no problem. We check our messages constantly and will call you back right away so you can get help and relief as soon as possible.

No matter the situation, dental emergencies are stressful. However, at Oasis Dental we are here to help you minimize that stress. We are patient oriented and will make sure to make your dental emergency a top priority. If you are having severe pain, our dentists will find the source of the problem quickly. From filling replacements to dental surgeries our team of experts at Oasis Dental are ready to help get you back smiling. 


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    Tips on What to do Before Seeing a Doctor: Knocked-out Tooth

    In the case of a knocked-out adult or permanent tooth it is essential to keep it moist at all times. First, try to put the tooth back into the socket without touching the root. If the tooth cannot be placed back into the socket then put the knocked-out tooth in milk. Immediately call our office so our professionals can assist you. Click the button below to reach our ready to help staff of professionals. 

    Tips on What to do Before Seeing a Doctor: Severe Toothaches

    First, it is important to clean and rinse your mouth using warm water. Try removing any food lodged between your teeth by gently using dental floss. Do not put aspirin on your sore tooth or gums, but instead use an over the counter remedy such as Oral Gel. Call our office as soon as possible so that we can get you the care you need. Click on the button below to contact us. 

    Tips on What to do Before Seeing a Doctor: Cracked/Broken Tooth or Teeth

    In the event you have a cracked or broken tooth immediately clean your mouth by rinsing it out with warm water. To help keep the area from swelling and to relieve some of the pain you can use a cold compress. As soon as possible call our office so we can help you. Press the button below to get in contact with our office. 

    Tips on What to do Before Seeing a Doctor: Object Lodged in Mouth or Between Teeth

    First try to remove the object by gently using dental floss. Never use sharp objects or instruments to remove objects from your mouth. If you are not able to remove the item from your mouth or if you notice excesive bleeding after dislodging the object immediate call our office so our professionals can assist you. Click the button below to contact our office. 

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    What Our Clients Say

    Dr. Carlivette Santa Maria is very gentle and caring in her treatment. She explained everything and made sure I wasn’t in pain. This was, honestly, the best experience I’ve had with an extraction. She has given me the confidence that my new teeth will be exactly the right shade and fit my mouth. I’m very happy to be in her care.

    Lisa Donnelly

    Absolutely love this place, (for me to say that about a dentist in itself is a testimony) I have been a patient here for around 2 years and never had a bad experience everyone is always welcoming (especially the office manager Tracy) and since the take over its even better Dr Santamaria is by far the best Dentist I have ever had, my latest treatment was an implant and Dr Santamaria went above and beyond to make sure all my work was done at Oasis in the time she had promised, well done everyone at Oasis Dental, your all amazing and its true your like a family.

    Mark Dignan

    Oasis Dental is a great practice in Manchester! Dr. Santamaria has given me multiple fillings and all-around helped me follow a treatment plan for numerous cavities I developed from bad brushing habits when I was younger. Her work is excellent, as are her staff, who are friendly and work with my multiple insurances and make sure every change of my treatment plan is explained. I definitely recommend!

    Ryman TheDoctor

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